Vibration Isolation Products

Commercial Mounts

ProductsPart #Description
For compression loads up to 13.3 lbs. Shear loads up to 6.4 lbs.
Custom work available. Call for additional sizes.
E-109Used for a wide variety of applications, where a large degree of
dampening is needed.
CA-1595Engine mounting, air conditioning. Machinery mounting 200lbs-800lbs. Capacity nut retainer, ear holes .53” dia. 1/2” dia. center hole shown.
CA-1290 Engine mounting, air conditioning, machinery mounting can be used in tandem to isolate vibration in compression and shear conditions. Available with 1/3”, 5/8”, or 3/4” bore only.
no.5, no.7
Light compressive loads in the range of 100 to 400 lbs. Machinery mounting. Engine mounts used where applicable. No.5 has 1/2”-20 S.A.E. thread. No.7 has 3/8-16 S.A.E. thread.
25, 50
Used for military applications. Durable and light. Compressive loads, HVAC, compressors. Call for specs and other application usage.
VIP8692656Plate mount used for lightweight applications. Loads up to 25lbs when used in conjunction. Up to 50lbs. Call for specs.
Vibration dampener, machinery mount. Engine mount NBD 320 is normally used with rebound NDD-455. Loads up to 1600lbs. 321 up to 800lbs. .781” center hole diameter. 40,50,60,70shore available.
Engine mount. Compressors can be used in conjunction with the NBD320, 321, or by itself as a primary mount. Loads up to 400lbs. NDD455 has a .62” center hole diameter. NDD456 has a .90” center hole diameter. 40,50,60,70shore available.
VIP100-24SQLightweight mounts. HVAC compressors light loads up to 5lbs. In conjunction up to 40 lbs. .20” center holediameter.
CA368 no.6 thru 8Motor isolators used for machinery mounting. Radiators, air compressors up to 200 lbs. Isolates nearby systems from motor vibration. .62” center hole diameter. 40,50,60,70shore available. Use of DA993 metal cup is recommended.
S7400-3Machinery mount. Heavy duty application, call for specs.
CA368 1 thru 5Motor isolators used for machinery mounting. Radiators, air compressors up to 200 lbs. Isolates nearby systems from motor vibration. .62” center hole diameter. 40,50,60,70shore available. Use of DA993 metal cup is recommended.
1163302-04 Ideal for mounting heavy loads that need severe vibration isolation. Engine suspension, machine mounts. Can be used as a bumper as well. 1163302-04 has 3/8″x24 threaded studs.
CM1000; CM2000Cup mounts have goodshock &vibration isolation characteristics at freq. above 40Hz. Can be mounted in any direction for protection of electrical& mechanical equipment. CMJ1000 1/4”x20 center hole 140lbs max load. CM2000 3/8”x16 center hole 250lbs max load.
A CA244-7-60;
B VIP117-645-0
Lightweight mounts 2-5lbs. Computers, refrigeration, compressors, electrical motors, bushing, lightweight applications. Call for more info.
K93501-15This shear mount can be used for engines, transmissions, machinery…Threaded studs are 3.625” apart. Through holes are 7/16” dia.
10870335Resilient mount. Can be used for a wide range of applications. Loads either vertically or horizontally. Nominal axial load of 1,240lbs. Custom rubber formulations will allow for endless possibilities. 1.125” center hole diameter.
DA993Metal cup was designed for use with CA-368 mount. Employed to help separate the mounts and rebounds.
SEW22181Rubber coated bushing for head pulley. Call for more information on application.
NBD6310Firestone insulation, engine mount, machinery mount, radiators. Vehicle cabs both on and off road. Up to 700lb. Load deflection is adjustable with rubber hardness to meet your requirements. Call for info.
Cushion BumpersVIP offers a wide variety of bumpers (as shown).The 4 pictured are our most popular design, loads up to 250lbs. Flat nose, snub nose, and standard bumper style.
VIP50074-11Center bolt mount. Lightweight, 60lbsload for a variety of applications. Call for more information.
VIP-117-645-0Pipe grommet, used for protection of metal tubing. Different sizes available, call for more info
VIP80-0150; 80-130;
VIP40-0150; 20-0130
VIP manufactures a few sizes of pipe/pressure vessel saddles to aid in cushioning your piping from surrounding vibration. For sizes in stock, please call.
Fluted sleeve used for panel applications.
1CRE622 thru 6CRE622Rubber grommet for tube cable pressure seal use and panel through hole applications as well.